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Wren 44 Gold Complete Package


***The Wren 44 Gold Complete Package is delivered with the Projet Hornet ECU.***

Basic Package

Engine Control Unit
Hand Data Terminal
Fuel Pump
Fuel Solenoid Valve
Engine Mount
Instruction Manual

Complete Package

All the components of the Basic Package, PLUS:

Propane Tank & Fittings
Propane Cannister Valve
Propane Solenoid Valve
Quick Release Valve (Rectus)
Tubing Pack

Thrust: 45N / 4.5kg / 10lbs
Weight: 600g / 21oz
Overall Size: 215mm x 75mm (8.5" x 3")
Ancillaries weight (inc battery): 340g / 12oz
Max RPM: 195,000
Idle RPM: 55,000
Idle Thrust: 1.5N / 0.15kg / 0.3lbs
Fuel Consumption @ max thrust: 176ml per minute / 5.8oz per minute

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