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ME 262 A-1 (Twin Turbine)


Grumania ME 262 A-1

1. The standard Me 262 A1a ( twin engine ) for two 60 N turbines such as the Wren 70, MW54 or similar.
2. The Me 262 C1 " Heimatschützer", for a single 120+N engine like the JetCat 120.

The model is very scale and features a completely detailed surface. All parts are made in glassfiber and are very highly prefabricated. Wings are detachable aswell as the engine nacelles and elevators. The model has been cleverly designed to reduce the overall weight by means of scale rib structure under a thin glassfiber skin instead of the heavy standard Herex sandwich method that is common on other large scale jets. A typical take off weight , equipped with two engines and fuel is about 18 kilogramms only. Optional retracts feature scale retraction angles and leg lengths.The model can be built for contest use and is a very good flyer with the unmistakable silouette of the worlds first operational fighter jet.

Scale: 1/4.8
Span: 2610mm (103")
Length: 2210mm (87")
Turbines: 2X60N

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