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F-100 Super Sabre Combo w/Wren 44 Gold Complete


Kit Contents:
F-100 Super Sabre 1/10 Scale EDF Kit
Metal Livery Decal Set
F100 Ejection Seat
F100 Panel
F100 Wing Fences
F100 Pilot

Retail Price from Cozmik Toys: $1,454.41 SAVE 3% For this awesome combo, with the new low price of: $1,410.77

The F-100 Super Sabre is scaled at 1/10 scale and features a museum scale surface with ALL details of the full size one.

The model has a wingspan of 1180 mm and a length of 1440.The kit weight is about 1500 grams, a typical take off weight is around 5000 grams, including fuel and Wren MW 44 Gold. Another engine option is the Jet Cat P-20 or the new Kolibri turbine.The overall weight is reduced extremely with these engines and the engine can be placed in the extreme tail .

The kit features all composite fuselage ( two parted ), glass fibre wings, elevator, rudder, Carbon plug ins, a set of CNC cut formers, canopy, ect.

We carry a lot of accessories like retracts, stainless steel duct, cockpit set, pilot, decal sets, weapon stations, underwing tanks ect. to make this model a real eye catcher - this kind of scale detailing has never be seen before on such a small jet !

Span: 1180mm
Length: 1400mm
Recomended Turbine: MW44 Gold

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