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F-100 Super Sabre Combo - 1/10 Scale EDF Kit Metal Livery


Kit Contents:
F-100 Super Sabre 1/10 Scale EDF Kit
Metal Livery Decal Set
F100 Ejection Seat
F100 Panel
F100 Wing Fences
F100 Pilot

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This all new Grumania 1/10 scale F-100 Super Sabre EDF kit is the first to be scale !

It features true scale outlines,scale airfoil and a super detailed surface that has yet not been seen on a such a small EDF jet. The kit is based on the turbine version which is known as a very good performer - You have never flown a Super Sabre that handles so easy before!

The Sabre is powered by a 90 mm ducted fan on 7- 10 s Lipo ( depending on chosen fan). The very clever inner structure design incorporates a glass fibre duct and the "open mounting system" * of the fan allows scale inlet sizes by using secondary air that comes from the various scale openings in the forward fuselage.

The model can be equipped with a wide variety of fans such as the WEMOTEC Midifan, the Aeronaut TF 200 or different fans from SCHUBELER, up to 110 mm in diametre.We do have all these fans available, ask for quotes. Attention: the EDF version is built exactly like the turbine F 100, but the manuals do not discribe the fan mounting behind the duct.Also, you have to make your own decisions regarding openings for batteries.We can supply you with pictures of our prototype if so wished.

The model has a typical take off weight of 4000- 4500 grams, depending on fan and scale adds. Grumania offers a retract set and several scale items such as under wing tanks, scale cockpit ect.

Scale: 1/10
Wingspan: 1180mm
Length: 1444mm
Weight kit parts : approx. 1500gr.
Functions: Aileron, elevator, rudder, retracts
Fans: MIDIFAN, TF 2000, DS 51, STUMAX ..............up to 110 mm
Batteries: 7-10 s

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