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ME 262 C-1 (Single Turbine)


Grumania ME 262 C-1

*Note: C-1 Model uses a single turbine. Not twin turbine.

This verson of the Messerschmitt 262 is the so called "INTERZEPTOR1" and was equipped with an additional Walter rocket engine motor to increase the climb rate for interceptor missions. The full size one has been flown by Heinz Bär, a high score victory ace on the eastern front.He even had a kill on his first flight in the C1. As the original extra engine was a rocket motor, the airframe needed no additional openings to supply the motor with air.

The model wich is powered by a single 120 engine ( or similar ) , works perfect with just some minor modifications. Air supply for the turbine is simply the addition of all little "standard" openings such as cannon nozzles, link ejection openings, foot step openings.Larger engines can get the air through the empty engine nacelles/wing.

The C1 version requires a special jet pipe and an additional glass fiber part to cover the area under the fin ( pipe has to be ordered separately).The rudder is simply cut down after a template that is supplied with the manuals.The modifications and drawings to this version are included in the comprehensive building manuals. Our test model, flown by Antoine Barua, is powered by a Simjet engine with just 11 kilos of thrust - the performance is just outstanding.We have put a video of the first flight in our download section.

Scale: 1/4.8
Span: 2610mm (103")
Length: 2210mm (87")
Turbines: 120N

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