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1/6 Scale M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer(Electric Powered)


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High performance giant scale tank with great details
High-quality, prepainted, fiberglass hull and turret
Strong and durable aluminum track system and wheels
Professional drive-train with steel gear box deliver high power and right speed
Scale color scheme with high quality painting
Adjustable track idler wheel

Main Functions:

Forward/Reverse control for individual track or both
Body unlimited 360º rotation
Turret unlimited 360º traverse
Elevation/Depression of the gun


Length: 935mm (36.8in) [ w/ gun: 1150mm (45.3 in)]
Width: 462mm (18.2 in)
Height: 430mm (16.9 in)
Ground clearance: 70mm (2.8 in)
Net Weight: 28.6kg (63.1 lbs)
Gross Weight: 54kg (119 lbs)
Power: One high power motors
Radio(not incl.): 6 channels
Construction: Fiberglass and Aluminum
Max Speed: 20km/h
Max Climb Degree: 35º
Max Vertical Climb Height: 100mm (3.9 in)
Max Trench Overpass: 380mm (15.0 in)
Max Lateral Slope: 40º
Max Wade: 80mm (3.2 in) Packing Details:

Carton Size: 1030*510*500mm
Qty/Ctn: 1pc
1*20' Container: 107pcs

Detail Pictures:

Detail Pictures:



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