Newegg TV: Infra-Red Laser Battle RC Tank Set Review Tanks! (You’re welcome.) This is a set of two remote controlled tanks you can purchase via Newegg Marketplace, and they are a blast to play with. Each tank has an IR sensor that detects when it has been fired upon by the other tank, and a 4-light “life bar” that will deplete as the tank takes damage. Rounding out the features are a rechargeable battery cell for each tank, independently rotating treads, and a turret that can rotate 300 degrees (also controlled via the remote). The tanks did have some issues with turning on carpet (the treads can come off the wheels after a few turns), but this wasn’t a problem on flat surfaces such as tile or concrete. If you’re in for a tank battle, check out the Infra-Red Laser Battle RC Tank Set! IR Laser Battle Tanks @ Newegg More Tanks @ Newegg: – Credits – Camera & Editing: Lam Words, etc.: Paul