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Hobbico Nexstar R/C Trainer Airplane w/Flight Simulator


The Hobbico NexSTAR Select RTF (Ready-to-Fly) .46 Trainer is much more than an airplane. Light-years ahead of any ready-to-fly trainer you ve ever seen, the NexSTAR is an exciting preview of what future trainers will be. It offers the assembly ease and all-in-one completeness that RTFs already include, but goes far beyond to provide an unprecedented range of pilot aids designed and engineered to support first-timer success. Perhaps the most remarkable of these aids is AFS (Active Flight Stabilization ) installed in the NexSTAR s fuselage. Once your NexSTAR is airborne, it senses any change from level flight whether it s due to a wind gust or pilot error and automatically corrects roll and pitch to return the NexSTAR to true horizontal. It s not an automatic pilot as long as you move the sticks, you re in control. But when you don t know what to do, all you have to do is release the sticks and let the AFS come to the rescue! Also included is a CD-ROM and interface cable for the Real Flight simulator, letting you get valuable "stick-time" day or night, rain or shine, at your computer. It s an integral part of the Futaba 4YBF radio system and a part of the most amazing trainer ever designed the NexSTAR!

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