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Su-27 Flanker w/Wren 44 Gold


This Grumania Jets Su-27 is 1/16 scale and is an all composite kit with a wingspan of 1000 mm and a length of 1400 mm. It is by far the best flying little Sukhoi in the world.It is based on an older design of Harald Huf that we updated for making a kit.The bare kit weight is about 1400 grams, typical flying weights are below 4000 grams (with MW 44), depending on the version. The kit is available in two versions, a turbine version - made for the Wren MW 44 Gold or a ducted fan version for fan units with a diameter of 69 mm ( HET, Schubeler,  WEMOTEC, ect). This model is suitable for the KOLIBRI as well and it is even possible to equip it with two engines !

The ducts for the EDF-version are available as an extra. The model features grey painted glass fibre parts, CNC cut formers, canopy, molded cockpit parts, carbon plug ins, ect.
The model is built extremely fast due to it`s high pre fabrication.

Span: 1100mm
Length: 1400mm
Recommended Turbine: Wren MW 44

Shipping: Time 2 Weeks / Ships Direct

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