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Eurofighter 1/10 Scale Turbine Kit Complete Combo W/Wren 44 Gold Complete


Kit includes all Grumania products for the Eurofighter Turbine Kit and Wren 44 Gold Complete.

Contents Include:
Eurofighter Kit
Scale Retracts
Luftwaffe Decal Set
Rear Pipe for Turbines

Retail Price from Cozmik Toys: $1,810.48 SAVE 3% For this awesome combo, with the new low price of: $1,756.17

This Eurofighter kit is scaled at 1/10 with a length of 1577 mm and a wingspan of 1220 mm. The kit weight is about 2000 grams and a typical take off weight is 7500 grams equipped with a Wren 70, MW 54 or similar sized engine. The kit features a detailed glass fiber fuselage with hatch, ready made glass fiber canards, obechi covered foam wings with ready hinged elevons, ready made servo boxes and servo lead channels. The retract mounts are also prepared. Other parts are CNC cut formers, beech stringers, linkages, horns , canopy, molded cockpit and servo mounts.

Span: 1220mm
Length: 1577mm
Recomended Turbine: Wren 70, MW 54

Shipping note:
Due to the long fuselage, we have to cut down nosecone and the tip of the fin to get the Eurofighter shipped in the maximum size box.

***The Wren 44 Gold Complete Package is delivered with the Projet Hornet ECU.***

Basic Package

Engine Control Unit
Hand Data Terminal
Fuel Pump
Fuel Solenoid Valve
Engine Mount
Instruction Manual

Complete Package

All the components of the Basic Package, PLUS:

Propane Tank & Fittings
Propane Cannister Valve
Propane Solenoid Valve
Quick Release Valve (Rectus)
Tubing Pack

Thrust: 45N / 4.5kg / 10lbs
Weight: 600g / 21oz
Overall Size: 215mm x 75mm (8.5" x 3")
Ancillaries weight (inc battery): 340g / 12oz
Max RPM: 195,000
Idle RPM: 55,000
Idle Thrust: 1.5N / 0.15kg / 0.3lbs
Fuel Consumption @ max thrust: 176ml per minute / 5.8oz per minute

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