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Eurofighter 1/8 Scale


This new Grumania Eurofighter 1/8 scale and is designed for engines between 70 - 120 Newton. It is the ideal step into scale modeling for the newcomer and also a challenging model for the experienced pilot, if equipped with a 120N turbine!

We have taken great care to make this model scale and details such as the original wing airfoil, the so distinctive bent leading edge divide this model from the Chinese "lookalikes". Another special feature of this kit is the possibility of easy transportation - even in one piece - in an estate car ( see pictures ). The main fuselage is delivered in two pieces (separation at scale panel line behind cockpit) with extra nose cone and engine nacelles, the large fin is also detachable and made in Herex-sandwich composite. All glass fibre parts are nicely detailed with the typical characteristics of the real thing ! Never before a Eurofighter has been kitted with that attention to scale surfaces. The wings come in foam obechi and are ready made with tailerons (two each wing) ready hinged, servo boxes and servo lead channels ready made, prepared retract mounts, internal ply reinforcement and a tough root rib, making this wing rock steady for everydays use!

The imitation of details on the wing is easy achieved by covering the surfaces with plotted plastic foils that are available as an extra.

Another point on this kit is the clever former design which enables even beginners to build this model in a very short time. A pictured building manual leaves no questions.

The number of different engine types, suitable for this plane is countless, starting at Wren MW 54 size, 70, 80, 90,100 and even 120 N engines can be used.It is also possible to convert this plane to EDF (outlet dia. 90 mm each).

The built plane, painted and with retracts (as shown on the picture) weighs less than 4900 grams.Overall weights - depending on chosen engine- is between 8800 and 11500 gramms.

Scale 1/8
Span 1398 mm
Length 1998 mm
Weight 8.8-11.5 kilos
Servos 6

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