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G45 Engine (2.8 cu in)


Magneto-driven CDI ignition system
One-piece chromed cylinder
Ball bearing-supported crankshaft

Weighing in at roughly the same weight as the G38, the G45 is great for many of the same models and is perfect for those who crave "unlimited" performance out of those types of airplanes. It will turn a 20 x 10 prop at approximately 7200 rpm.

Displacement Bore Stroke Muffler
45cc / 2.80ci 43mm 31mm Compact Welded Can (Included)
RPM Engine Weight RTF Weight Recommended Propeller Sizes
2,000 - 9,000 2090g / 74oz 2240g / 79oz 2 Blade: 18x8 - 20x10

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