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Dremel 400-2/51 400 Series XPR Rotary Tool Kit With 51 Accessori


Dremel calls this "the future of rotary tools." Scoff if you want to, but they're right. This overhaul of the standard rotary tool incorporated changes Dremel users asked for, along with new accessories and a smartly redesigned storage case with mini-cases. We're glad to see Dremel designers separated the power switch from the speed control, something we'd certainly wished for in the past, letting you set the perfect speed for your project and not disturb it at shutoff. Its slick, gently curved new shape-—a far cry from the slightly clunky Dremel you're used to—-just feels good in your hand. Even the case is a new generation, with a molded place for everything (including that hard-to-store flex shaft). The small accessories all fit into mini-cases, which in turn snap into the main case. Bravo! And unlike kit cases in Dremel's past, there's even room for expansion: two bays for more accessory kits. We like the garden tool blade and the circle cutter particularly; you can save a bundle sharpening your own lawnmower blade, and the circle cutter is one of those little gadgets you'll find yourself using again and again. Another plus to this new Dremel is the super-cool attachments available separately, including a 2-1/4-inch wide planer and something Dremel calls the MultiSaw—a combination jig, recip and scroll saw in one. The only downside to this new Dremel is…figuring out what to do with your old one. --Kris Jensen-Van Heste

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