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Align 600 Scale Fuselage 500MD HF6003 New


Accessory: ?500D Canopy x 1 ?500D Fuselage x 1 ?500D Top window x 1 ?Vertical stabilizer x 1 ?Horizontal Stabilizer x 1 ?Landing skid x 4 ?Skid pipe x 2 ?Fuselage frame 600E(Front) x 1 ?Fuselage frame 600E(Rear) x 1 ?Fuselage frame 600N(Rear) x 1 ?Missile mount(L) x 1 ?Missile mount(R) x 1 ?Missile launching pad x 2 ?Pipe mount x 1 ?Light Cover x 2 ?Exhaust guide(?11.5x?17x230mm) x1 ?Servo pole x 4 ?Washer(?3.2x?10x0.8mm) x 4 ?Washer(?3x?8x1mm) x 4 ?Socket button head screw(M3x6mm) x 8 ?Socket collar screw(M3x16mm) x 2 ?Socket collar screw(M3x35mm) x 2 ?Socket screw(M3x12mm) x 4 ?Socket screw(M3x14mm) x 2 ?Self-tapping screw(T3x10mm) x 8 ?Set screw(M3x3mm) x 4 ?Ball link x 2 ?Tail control guide x 1 ?600N Rudder control rod x 1 ?600E Rudder control rod x 1 ?Nylon strap(2.5x160mm) x 2 Instructions: ?Suitable for ALIGN T-REX 600 Nitro
600E. ?Movable radar? ?High scale missile launcher? ?Install hole in the alert light, can add a LED light to increase the enjoyment to fly in the night. ?Magnetic adhered design. Make it easier for battery disassemble, maintenance and repair.

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